Leaving Soon: All Dollar Titles [BUNDLE]

As part of our effort to become the lo-fi TTRPG publisher you deserve, the RPG Dollar Store is closing as of 1 September 2021. All of the titles there will be removed, including the All Dollar Titles [BUNDLE], and will no longer be available. This is your last chance to grab some great stuff.

The RPG Dollar Store is Closing

There are several reasons for this decision. To start, most of the titles have completed their life cycle. We’ve ridden the long tail as far as it will go. A lot of these books were best sellers and well-reviewed. Their price points were lowered over time in an attempt to keep them relevant and eke out a few more sales.

Second, we’ve changed as a company over time. I don’t feel these titles always represent our best work. They certainly don’t reflect the things we’re publishing now, or what we gave planned for the future. That’s not so say that I don’t stand by these titles, and don’t think they’re good. I wouldn’t have sold them for so long if I didn’t think they were useful. Again, that many of them were best sellers and garnered good reviews speaks to something.

Finally, a lot of it is just branding. I’m committed to the lo-fi aesthetic, the principles of the Black Box Manifesto, and the general idea that tabletop roleplaying games can be published and sold in a way that’s affordable for both the creator and the customer. What I don’t want is for people to associate “lo-fi” with “bargain brand”. Having a dollar store for older titles leaves people with the wrong impression, in an area where I’m already fighting an uphill battle against the belief that anything other than a full-color hardcover doorstop of a book is “doing it wrong”.

You can view the RPG Dollar Store here.

Download the bundle with nearly 100 titles for under $50 here.