Kaiju Patrol: Resurrection Babylon

An all new Lighthouse System edition of the giant monster story game!

In a world where giant monsters roam the Earth and alien invaders threaten all of humanity, can the heroes of the Kaiju Patrol manage to find true love?

The first explosions over Hiroshima and Nagasaki did more than unleash the atomic age. They gave birth to an age of giant atomic monsters! Fallout from ongoing test blasts created more and more creatures, who marched from distant islands, remote deserts, and the depths of the oceans to threaten mankind and its greatest cities.

Those atomic fires generated by humanity’s tampering with forces beyond their control soon attracted the attention of aliens from outer space! The Futurons of Golden Planet 713, led by the insidious Emperor 39 M, knew that primitive humanity would one day rise up to threaten their superiority in the universe, and for decades had been watching, and waiting.

To answer these threats, the international community created the Kaiju Patrol! Dedicated scientists, military strategists, and political geniuses brought together to deal with all of the crises created by these threats to human existence,

Through all of this, the brave heroes of the Kaiju Patrol must face their greatest fears. Is it possible to have both true love and a demanding career? Can they juggle intimate relationships, moral conflicts, and family drama while fighting to prevent the end of the world?

This book contains everything you need to play out a complete campaign!

  • Background on the Kaiju Patrol, the protagonists of the series!
  • Details on the Futurons, aliens invaders who act as the antagonists!
  • 11 ready-to-play characters, members of the Kaiju Patrol!
  • All the rules necessary to play, a streamlined version of the Lighthouse System!
  • New rules on Powers and Matters of Scale for the Lighthouse System!
  • 8 all-new, original stories forming the Resurrection Babylon campaign!

Kaiju Patrol: Resurrection Babylon is for people who enjoy the elements of creativity and collaboration present in tabletop roleplaying, but are put off by large, expensive manuals full of complicated rules.

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