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New and Upcoming Releases June 14 2020

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New and Upcoming Releases for June 14 2020

Next up is Building Adventures, which after some more rewrites I am finally happy with. It’s my final word on structuring any sort of adventure, for any setting or genre. I had hoped to release that this week, but was blindsided with some family issues. Things are on track for release this Thursday or Friday.

After discussion with my most trusted advisors, I am going to release MOLOCH, the DoubleZero-based adaptation of the best-selling, well.reviewed, and highly political Revelations in Cold Iron. There will be differences. MOLOCH is going to reflect the realities of the year 2020. There are new sections on politics, pandemics, and equipment for militarized police. Another big feature is that in MOLOCH magic isn’t real, but some people think that it’s real. That created some interesting game design challenges that I think will translate to cathartic fun.

Adventure Generator follows up on Building Adventures. After that will be Building Monsters, which will be the last of the series for now. I have ideas for more Building Series books, but I want to get some other projects completed before I circle back around to that.

Work on the Hippogryph Codex proceeds apace. Once that’s done, the bulk of releases for 2020 will be settings and supplements for the Hippogryph System and DoubleZero. I’ve been asked if there are going to be duel-system releases, i.e. settings with both Hippogryph and DZ versions. The answer is no. I created separate systems to do different things, and the settings will eash use the system that’s the best fit.

Until next week, stay safe out there. folks.


This Week’s Top 10 Titles
  1. DoubleZero Core Book
  2. Building Worlds [Second Edition]
  3. Building Characters [Second Edition]
  4. Bullet Journaling for Gamemasters, Revised
  5. Hippogryph Issue Seven
  6. Setting Design [Black Box Edition]
  7. Story Structure [Black Box Edition]
  8. Hippogryph Issue Four
  9. Hippogryph Issue Five
  10. Hippogryph Issue Six
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