Hippogryph Tabletop Roleplaying Zine

hippogryph issue zero: in this issue

hippogryph issue zero

hippogryph: issue zero

In This Issue:

  • Welcome to Issue Zero – It’s a game system! It’s a zine about tabletop roleplaying! It’s both! An introduction to the Hippogryph project, what to expect in this issue, and what you can look forward to in future issues.
  • How to Create Things – From characters to magic items to worlds, a unified system for creating all of the elements that go into a tabletop roleplaying game. Make things for your campaign, or just build things for fun!
  • How to Take Turns – Learn about the basic logistics of playing the game in this section. Who goes first, how scenes play out, and the fundamental ways that action and narration are balanced all get covered here.
  • How to Do Things – From a familiar core mechanic to specific types of actions and how action points work, this section covers the rules. All other mechanics and systems stem from these basic principles.
  • How to Develop Characters – How characters heal, gain rewards, and improve their abilities all gets covered here. Learn how to reset character goals, expand their background, and build relevant connections to the story and setting.
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