DoubleZero System

Is DoubleZero Extremely Difficult?

“I’ve bought DoubleZero and I am wondering about the difficulty of the game. If I’ve understood correctly, a character with 12 attributes, has only 36% chance of success on a “standard” difficulty. He will likely have a skill, which would increase his chance to succeed to 48%. For a secret agent with 5 attributes ranging from 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14, I find this extremely difficult. Did I miss something?”

Yes, it’s a difficult system by design.

First, it’s an action thriller. A lot of the suspense comes from the knowledge that characters can fail. There’s far less tension when a character can run though things like they’re in god mode. It makes the successes mean something.

Second, it’s ridiculously difficult to actually kill a character. Beat the living tar out of them, yes. Outright off them in normal combat or chase scenes? No. It makes the characters appear a lot tougher.

Finally, the difficulty is partially why the hero point mechanic is there. A character with a 12 attribute will gain a hero point 12% of the time, and can spend them to adjust outcomes. The system is difficult, but it puts more control into your hands so you can make success and failure more dramatic.

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