Report Errata

Before you submit something you’ve found, please read the guidelines:

  • We are only accepting errata for products not currently undergoing revision. If a Director’s Cut version is in the works, it means the title is already in the hands of editors and proofreaders.
  • Newly reported errata for each title are published monthly in the newsletter.
  • Digital files are updated monthly, as needed, to incorporate errata. These are pushed to all sales venues where customers can download them.
  • We will create an errata document as needed after a title is available in print. As long as a title is digital-only, the changes will be made to the monthly update. These documents will be available on our website.
  • Print files are updated when a change is significant enough to warrant it. They are also updated when there are enough small changes to make it worthwhile. Otherwise, refer to the errata document for the title.
  • We will ignore any submission that isn’t errata.

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