If I Knew I Couldn’t Fail

Someone asked me what I’d do if I knew I couldn’t fail. My first thought was that I would write more books with limited sales potential. Settings that I know will only appeal to a handful of people. I’d put as much time and resources into things as I felt they needed because I would be certain to recoup that investment. It would represent a level of creative freedom that was uncoupled from financial considerations.

If I Knew I Couldn’t Fail

Then I realized that I was thinking small. I’d create games with limited sales potential, sure, but why not create and publish games that could do some good? Games are good tools for teaching basic math and reading comprehension. What if I could partner with educators to create games that are fun to play, but are specifically designed to hone those skills?

Why stop there? Why not games that help to teach history and civic. What about philosophy and ethics? If I can’t fail, then I’m going to create game lines aimed at grade levels, to help students reach developmental benchmarks. They’re going to be in every school. The profits will be used to fund a foundation that funds school lunch programs and juvenile health care. Every child will get a backpack full of supplies, a new pair of shoes, and a winter coat, too.

Long-Term Goals

I want to continue growing DXP for a lot of reasons. My own financial stability is at the top of the list. Somewhere down the line, though, I want to earn enough that I can throw worthwhile amounts of money into charitable giving. If I knew I couldn’t fail, I’d not only turn this into my cream job, I’d use my platform to do some good in the world.

Even though I know that I can fail, I’m still on track to do this in the next couple of years. Goals and plans are way better than hopes and dreams.