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Have You Downloaded These? Hottest Titles for August 9 2020

Have You Downloaded These? Hottest Titles for August 9 2020

Here are the hottest Dancing Lights Press titles for the week ending August 9, 2020, according to the nice folks at DriveThruRPG:

  1. Building Adventures
  2. Building Worlds [Second Edition]
  3. Names and Their Meaning
  4. Phrases and Names
  5. Building Characters [Second Edition]
  6. DoubleZero Core Book
  7. MOLOCH: A Setting for DoubleZero
  8. Spectres of Mars: A Setting for DoubleZero
  9. Bullet Journaling for Gamemasters, Revised
  10. Domnio

About Dancing Lights Press

Dancing Lights Press is a lo-fi publisher of tabletop roleplaying systems and system-agnostic creative aids, including the best selling Building series, the DoubleZero action thriller system, and Hippogryph, a fantasy story game system with traditional  roots. Our products embrace a minimalist aesthetic in design and presentation because roleplaying is an activity, not a collection of expensive rulebooks.

About DriveThruRPG

DriveThruRPG has been selling digital and print-on-demand comic books, roleplaying games, and fiction since 2001. They are currently the largest online marketplace devoted to tabletop roleplaying materials. Thousands of publishers, from big names to talented small press innovators, have come together so you can be sure to get what you want when you want it.

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Seriously, I appreciate it. I am sick again (not that, don’t worry) and dealing with all of the unexpected things that pop up when you’re both an expat and a small business owner. As a one-person operation, it’s thrown me off schedule. So I’m going to spend the rest of the month getting caught up. I’ll pass along news about new releases when I have a higher degree of certainty.

Berin Kinsman, Designer & Publisher

Have You Downloaded These? Hottest Titles for August 9 2020