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This Week’s Hottest Titles: August 16 2020

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This Week’s Hottest Titles and New Releases 

  • Hardboiled Follies: A Setting for DoubleZero
  • Building Adventures
  • Building Worlds [Second Edition]
  • Building Characters [Second Edition]
  • Names and Their Meaning
  • Phrases and Names
  • DoubleZero Core Book
  • MOLOCH: A Setting for DoubleZero
  • Spectres of Mars: A Setting for DoubleZero
  • Bullet Journaling for Gamemasters
Hardboiled FolliesHardboiled Follies is inspired by every story where an ordinary person gets swept up in some nefarious plot. It’s an homage to all of those comedic fish-out-of-water thrillers where people are suddenly in over their heads, and all of those cozy mysteries where amateur detectives somehow prevail over trained police investigators. Part Murder She Wrote, part The Big Lebowski, it’s a more lighthearted take on the genres covered by the DoubleZero system.

DomnioDomnio is a 4-page PDF packed with all of the information you need to create characters and run the game. The minimalist presentation uses every bit of space on useful content. Running a one-shot or short campaign, and need a system that doesn’t require a lot of prep? Wondering how to introduce roleplaying to people intimidated by big rulebooks? Be ready to play within minutes using Domnio!

DoubleZeroDoubleZero is a percentile based, skill-driven tabletop roleplaying system. It is designed to emulate the action thriller genre, things like the Die Hard movies, Jack Ryan books and films, and the grittier entries in the James Bond franchise. It can be used for any sort of “realistic” modern setting that doesn’t lean into magic, the supernatural, or superpowers. With Easy Mode, the system expands into more lighthearted, cinematic adventures as well!