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Hippogryph System Info Page

hippogryph system

There’s now an official Hippogryph System info page. This is a foundation. I haven’t started work on it yet, other than the version in Issue Zero. First up will be an expanded, 96-page core book, the Hippogryph Codex, followed by a System Reference Document.

The Hippogryph System is a d20-based character-focused tabletop roleplaying game. Like the fantasy creature, it is a mixture of two different influences. It was inspired by both legacy systems and modern story gaming. The system will have an Open Game License, so a System Reference Document will be made available after the Codex has been released.

Hippogryph System Info Page

The info page will be the central repository for information about the system and related releases. This includes articles, where to purchase the game, and frequently asked questions. Over the coming week or so there will be info pages added for all of major active product lines.

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