Hippogryph Tabletop Roleplaying Zine

hippogryph issue two: in this issue

hippogryph issue twoin this issue:

  • why do a wrestling issue? – If you don’t care about professional wrestling, why are you reading this issue? Well, it’s about unarmed combat, improvised weapons, character development, and storytelling. That’s RPG material right there.
  • characters: wrestler archetypes – How to make RPG characters inspired by professional wrestling. Whether you’re using the Hippogryph mechanics or the tabletop roleplaying system of your choice, there’s something for you here.
  • worldbuilding: wrestling promotions – Create a setting for your professional wrestling promotion! Stick to the real world and the conventions of kayfabe, or mash-up other genres like fantasy, science fiction, and horror.
  • adventures: running a show – Book the card for your wrestling promotion’s shows! Set up feuds, battle for championships, and build ongoing angles! It all culminates in a pay-per-view event where all problems are settled in the ring!
  • rules: wrestling matches – Advice on modeling different types of wrestling moves using the system of your choice, or the Hippogryph rules. Includes information on basic types of matches and winning conditions.
  • glossary of professional wrestling terms – A primer for beginners and non-fans, featuring all of the essential terms needed to develop, run, and play a tabletop roleplaying game based on professional wrestling.

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