Now Available: Hippogryph Gamemaster Guide

Now Available: Hippogryph Gamemaster Guide

Hippogryph Gamemaster GuideA manual for running a fantasy tabletop roleplaying game using the Hippogryph System.

As the gamemaster, you are the prime mover behind any Hippogryph game. You create and shape the setting that the characters inhabit, and prepare and run the adventures they’ll go on. It’s your role to tell the story, play the supporting characters, and manage the dynamics of the group. To do this, you have to knowing what your players want from a Hippogryph experience. It’s a big job, but an incredibly rewarding one.

The Hippogryph Gamemaster Guide assumes that you already have a copy of the core rules and know how the Hippogryph System works. You don’t need to be an expert, or have every single mechanic and guideline committed to memory. All you need is a firm grasp of the fundamentals, so you can make fair rulings, teach new players how things work, and keep a game session flowing smoothly.

Just as I wrote Hippogryph to be the character-driven fantasy roleplaying system I always wanted, this is the book I wish I’d had when I began my journey as a gamemaster. It’s filled with tips and tricks drawn from years of experience. Whether you’ve been running a game using the Hippogryph System for a while or are preparing to do so for the first time, this book was written for you.

The Hippogryph Gamemaster Guide includes the following chapters:

  • An overview of the gamemaster’s role, with an explanation of the many jobs you will take on.
  • What materials, both required and optional, you’ll need in order to run a game.
  • A guide to identifying different types of players and what they’re looking to get from a game.
  • How to prepare for adventures, game sessions, and campaigns.
  • What Session Zero is, why it’s important, and how to successful run one for your group.
  • Advice on how to run a game session from start to finish, based on decades of experience.
  • How to create all types of factions, for use as allies and adversaries in your game.
  • New rules on allowing the player characters to change the world based on the outcomes of their adventures.
  • How to let yourself be human, dealing with inevitable mistakes, and managing player issues.

Hippogryph Gamemaster Guide

Publisher: Dancing Lights Press
Rule System: Hippogryph System
Price: $5 Digital
Publication Date: 17 March 2021
Format: 96 pages. A5 format (bullet journal size). PDF, ePub, Kindle.
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