Final Day for GM’s Day Sale 2021 + Hottest Titles

Final Day for GM’s Day Sale 2021

Yes, it truly is the final day for GM’s Day Sale 2021. It’s the biggest sale of the year, and almost all of our bestselling titles have been discounted. So act now! We don’t run any sales other than the site-wide events at DriveThruRPG, you this is probably your last chance to get individual titles marked down until Christmas!

This Week’s Hottest Titles!

How to Gamemaster

Here are this week’s hottest titles from Dancing Lights Press, according to the fine folks at DriveThruRPG!

Beyond GM’s Day 2021: Upcoming Releases

The next two releases will be the DoubleZero Gamemaster Guide and the Hippogryph Gamemaster Guide. We’ll have more info on those for you in the coming week. After that will be the DoubleZero Companion and the Hippogryph Companion, offering expanded and alternative rules for both of those systems. The revised and expanded version of Bullet Journaling for Gamemasters is also in the works.

This Week’s Hottest Titles for 14 March 2021

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