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Gladiolas: Cover and Title Reveal


Gladiolas Reveal

This game is currently in development. Yes, doing a cover reveal is ludicrous given the Dancing Lights Press trade dress and our interpretation of the Black Box Manifesto aesthetic. People have still asked for it, so let’s have a little fun. What do you think the title means? There may have been hints on my Twitter page.

Gladiolas is for people who enjoy the elements of creativity and collaboration present in tabletop roleplaying, but are put off by large, expensive manuals full of complicated rules.

The Black Box Manifesto

Hardcore Follies will adhere to the principles of the Black Box Manifesto. One reasonably priced book contains everything to get you started. The design is clean, minimalist, and easy to use. The focus of this story game is on the elements that promote human interaction. TheĀ  goal is creation of a shared story, not extravagant production values, winning awards, or gaining status.

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