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Freebies, Trolls, and What Have You


My list of possible topics for today’s post included Vancian magic, munchkins and powergamers, and copy-pasting an excerpt from DoubleZero. The first two give me a headache. The last one isn’t practical, because a multi-page section of a book doesn’t translate well to a web page. I’m already going to release the bulk of the book as a series of text-formatted System Reference Document freebies after the full thing goes on sale. That will be here, on this website, along with the character sheet. So it seems redundant in the long term.

Freebies, Trolls, and What Have You

Which does lead into a related topic. I don’t post freebies on DriveThruRPG any more. There are two reasons. First, to be honest, it’s a way to drive traffic here to the site. Or, it will be once I have the downloads section up and running. Second, I’ve had issues in the past with what I consider trolls. People have given freebies 1-star reviews because they were excerpts, or  supplements for a product they had to pay money for, and not a full core book. This didn’t just happen once. I’m talking at least 4 or 5 times. It was kind of creepy and surreal. You give something away, and rather than rating it for what it was, you basically want to downvote it to hell because I didn’t give even more content away for free.

It’s the same reason that I no longer do pre-orders. Sometimes I’m not sure if people are willfully being trolls or if they’re just obtuse, but there’s always one guy that doesn’t seem to know what pre-order means, and asks if he has to pay for the product again when it’s released. Amazon does pre-orders. Steam does pre-orders. Crowdfunding is basically more of a pre-order system than a patronage plan at this point. It’s not an obscure concept. The last time I did a pre-order, the person in question did a victory lap when I changed the copy to define the term and spell it out. As if the failing were mine for using a fairly common term in both the games and book trades.

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