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Foragers Guild Fantasy Roleplaying

Foragers Guild is a high fantasy story game. As members of the Guild, you explore the ancient world of Desteon seeking out powerful artifacts. Opposing you is the Moirologist Society, a secret organization of graverobbers, assassins, and necromancers. Can you keep the dangerous relics of lost civilizations from falling into the wrong hands? Get your copy now at DriveThruRPG

The World of Desteon

Like our own world, the people of Desteon live their lives oblivious to things directly under their noses. Have you ever wondered what type of business used to be in that shop over there? Who used to live in that house that’s over a hundred years old? What did this area look like, before it was settled? Who are the people that came before you? Now consider what it would be like to live in a place where numerous civilizations have come and gone over millennia. Imagine what might be buried directly beneath your feet!

The Foragers Guild

The Foragers Guild is a society for the advancement of archaeology, history, and related scholarship. It began as a private dining club for successful adventurers. Members could swap stories of their exploits and debate issues and ideas related to their dangerous vocation. Over time it evolved into an organization that allowed retired adventurers to finance others’ expeditions. In return, they’d take a share of the treasure. The Guild’s ongoing success led to the purchase of a small keep, intended to house a museum of curiosities brought back by its members. This eventually expanded to include a library, a training center, and a research facilities.

Today the Guild headquarters is located within it own castle. The Museum, which is open to the public for a token fee, occupies most of the ground floor. Skeletons and taxidermy mounts of strange and exotic beasts are on display. The Guild itself finances the expeditions of fledgling adventurers, helps professionals to find each other and form parties, and employs many people directly to locate and recover valuable artifacts.

In this game the protagonists, also known as player characters, work with the Foragers Guild. They are a team employed directly and sent on missions, or independent operators financed by the Guild. They enjoy the benefits of Guild membership, which includes access to training, equipment, and healing. All in return for annual dues and 10% of the treasure.

The Moirologist Society

A moirologist is a professional mourner. They’ attend funerals for pay, lament the departed, and comfort grieving families. Throughout Desteon people consider it an honorable profession. The number of mourners present at a person’s final memorial is a reflection of their importance in life.

The Moirologist Society is a secret society of grave robbers, con artists, and assassins. Most are in fact professional mourners, but they use that trade to conceal their activities from outsiders. It provides them easy access to influential people and restricted places. This in turn lets them move about without being noticed.

Members of the Society have run afoul of the Foragers Guild for one simple reason: they don’t care about the preservation of important artifacts. They’re out to turn a quick profit. If that means prying the gemstones from an outstanding example of period jewelry, melting down a rare gold idol, or selling a powerful artifact to the highest bidder, that’s what they’ll do. They will take what seems valuable, and trash the rest.

The Black Box Manifesto

Foragers Guild Fantasy Roleplaying adheres to the principles of the Black Box Manifesto. One reasonably priced 96-page book contains everything to get you started. The design is clean, minimalist, and easy to use. The focus of this story game is on the elements that promote human interaction. The  goal is creation of a shared story, not extravagant production values, winning awards, or gaining status.

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