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Foragers Guild RPG Reaches Bestseller Status

That these games do so well just on word of mouth continues to humble and amaze me. Thank you. There was no advertising. No one ran a press release because it’s not a Kickstarter. There aren’t any reviews yet. The game still sold enough to earn a medallion, and less than 9% of all titles on DriveThruRPG ever do that. Therefore I am grateful, appreciative, and do not take this for granted.

Foragers Guild RPG Reaches Bestseller Status

Foragers Guild Fantasy Roleplaying is a high fantasy story game. As members of the Guild, you explore the ancient world of Desteon seeking out powerful artifacts. Opposing you is the Moirologist Society, a secret organization of graverobbers, assassins, and necromancers. Above all, can you keep the dangerous relics of lost civilizations from falling into the wrong hands?

This product contains the following:

  • Welcome to the Foragers Guild – An overview of the game, with the standard sections on what you need to play and how to use this book.
  • The World of Desteon – An overview of the game’s setting, a world of lost civilizations, global wars, alien invasions, and extradimensional incursions.
  • The Foragers Guild – Background on society of adventurers, plus 7 ready-to-play characters including the Arcanist, the Burglar, the Engineer, the Healer, the Herald, the Scout, and the Soldier.
  • The Moirologist Society – Background on the secret society, plus 3 antagonists: the Master Moirologist (Necromancer), the Journeyman Moirologist (Assassin), and the Apprentice Moirologist (Cutpurse).
  • Lighthouse System – All the mechanics you need to play, including the magic system and guidelines for using ethical stances and moral dilemmas in your stories.
  • Spells – A selection of spells for every time of character types, with risk system variations from d4 through d12 and notes on creating your own spells.
  • Artifacts – A range of lost and dangerous items, including background information on the era they came from and notes on using them in your stories.
  • Bestiary – Creature types from the world of Desteon to use as obstacles and challenges in your adventures. Plus, notes on fleshing out your own unique monsters.
  • Adventure Design – Advice on structuring and running your own Foragers Guild game or campaign, using all of the elements included in the books.
  • PDF, epub, and Kindle format versions

The Black Box Manifesto

Foragers Guild Fantasy Roleplaying adheres to the principles of the Black Box Manifesto. One reasonably priced 96-page book contains everything to get you started. The design is clean, minimalist, and easy to use. The focus of this story game is on the elements that promote human interaction. In short, the  goal is creation of a shared story. It’s not about having extravagant production values, winning awards, or gaining status.

Foragers Guild RPG Reaches Bestseller Status

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