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Foragers Guild Magic

This video covers the basics of how Foragers Guild magic works. It’s based off of Lighthouse System, so the risk bid mechanics and narrative outcomes are in full effect. It works really well, allows players to design their own spells and effects, and still manages to keep characters from becoming unreasonably powerful. Get your copy now at DriveThruRPG

Foragers Guild Magic

In other videos and posts I’ve talked about everyone in the world of Desteon being able to cast spells. That doesn’t mean they’re all universalists, but it in a high fantasy setting it makes sense for people to have access to magic related to their occupation. It would be like saying trained professionals in the real world don’t have internet access or smart phones. You assume that the most prevalent technology would be available to them.

The book contains a selection of spells for each character type, but they also serve as examples. Creating new spells is easy, and players are encouraged to come up with their own as part of customizing their character. All you really need is a description of what the spell is intended to do, and the system takes care of the rest.

Something that always bothered me in legacy systems was spell repetition. Essentially the same spell, but with variations. It might be the damage done, the targets affected, or the range, but they were the same. Foragers Guild leverages the risk mechanic from Lighthouse System. Only need to have a basic result? Bid a d4. Want something spectacular? Go for a d12.

Because spell failure is a thing, larger bids run the risk of larger complications. You might not blow yourself up, but you could be unable to cast that same spell for a while. This creates some limitations organically, rather than imposing restrictions on the number of times per day you can do certain things.

The Black Box Manifesto

Foragers Guild Fantasy Roleplaying adheres to the principles of the Black Box Manifesto.  Everything to get you started is contained in one reasonably priced 96-page book . The design is clean, minimalist, and easy to use. The focus of this story game is on the elements that promote human interaction. The  goal is creation of a shared story, not extravagant production values, winning awards, or gaining status.

Get your copy now at DriveThruRPG

Foragers Guild is a high fantasy story game. As members of the Guild, you explore the ancient world of Desteon seeking out powerful artifacts. Opposing you is the Moirologist Society, a secret organization of graverobbers, assassins, and necromancers. Can you keep the dangerous relics of lost civilizations from falling into the wrong hands?

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