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Now Available: Foragers Guild Fantasy Roleplaying

Foragers Guild Fantasy Roleplaying is a high fantasy story game. As members of the Guild, you explore the ancient world of Desteon seeking out powerful artifacts. Opposing you is the Moirologist Society, a secret organization of graverobbers, assassins, and necromancers. Can you keep the dangerous relics of lost civilizations from falling into the wrong hands?

This product contains the following:

  • Welcome to the Foragers Guild – An overview of the game, with the standard sections on what you need to play and how to use this book.
  • The World of Desteon – An overview of the game’s setting, a world of lost civilizations, global wars, alien invasions, and extradimensional incursions.
  • The Foragers Guild – Background on society of adventurers, plus 7 ready-to-play characters including the Arcanist, the Burglar, the Engineer, the Healer, the Herald, the Scout, and the Soldier.
  • The Moirologist Society – Background on the secret society, plus 3 antagonists: the Master Moirologist (Necromancer), the Journeyman Moirologist (Assassin), and the Apprentice Moirologist (Cutpurse).
  • Lighthouse System – All the mechanics you need to play, including the magic system and guidelines for using ethical stances and moral dilemmas in your stories.
  • Spells – A selection of spells for every time of character types, with risk system variations from d4 through d12 and notes on creating your own spells.
  • Artifacts – A range of lost and dangerous items, including background information on the era they came from and notes on using them in your stories.
  • Bestiary – Creature types from the world of Desteon to use as obstacles and challenges in your adventures. Plus, notes on fleshing out your own unique monsters.
  • Adventure Design – Advice on structuring and running your own Foragers Guild game or campaign, using all of the elements included in the books.
  • PDF, epub, and Kindle format versions

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