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For the First Time in History…

For the first time in history, a month will go by without a new release from Dancing Lights Press. I’ve put out something relatively consistently since May 2016. Hopefully you already understand why this is happening.

Some people would think that isolation would mean more time to write and design. World events haven’t really left me in a creative mood, though. A lot of my friends are in essential jobs, from grocery clerks to delivery drivers to healthcare professionals. I know that a lot of you are struggling. It’s a rough time all around.

What have been been doing is planning. This is the first time, ever, that I get to sit still and be proactive, rather than reactive. My approach to things going forward will be more organized, with stronger games and better communication.

I hope this finds everyone safe and well.

The Week’s Hottest Titles

Here are the Top 10 Dancing Lights Press titles this week:

  1. Building Worlds [Second Edition]
  2. Building Characters [Second Edition]
  3. Bullet Journaling for Gamemasters, Revised
  4. hippogryph ttrpg zine: issue four
  5. hippogryph ttrpg zine: issue five
  6. hippogryph ttrpg zine: issue six
  7. Setting Design [Black Box Edition]
  8. Building Characters [Black Box Edition]
  9. hippogryph ttrpg zine: issue three
  10. Story Structure [Black Box Edition]

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