Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Dancing Lights Press?

Dancing Lights Press is the publishing studio of Berin Kinsman. One of the earliest roleplaying games bloggers, Berin has been playing tabletop RPGs since 1979, and writing for the industry since 1992. He founded Dancing Lights Press in 2016, and has since published over 100 bestselling titles.

Is Dancing Lights Press on social media?

You can find us on Twitter as @LightsPress.

Where can I find Dancing Lights Press titles?

Dancing Lights Press titles are available at DriveThruRPG, the world’s largest RPG download store. You can also order print version of select titles through them.

What is the Dancing Lights Press playtest process?

I have a closed playtest process involving home groups comprised of people I whose opinions I trust. Additionally, I consult with other game designers and writers throughout the development process. These are all people that will be brutally honest with me and give me actionable feedback. As a small operation, it’s easier for me to work with a small, curated group of people whose expertise and biases are known to me than to cast a wider net and sort through the results.

What risk and challenges do products in development face?

As a one-person operation there is less flexibility in the production system. Anything that would cause you to call in sick from work will affect my schedule. This includes mundane issues like getting sick and dealing with family emergencies. While I do my best to account for this when calculating release dates, stuff happens.

Are there print versions of Dancing Lights Press titles?

Select titles are available as print-on-demand from DriveThruRPG. This includes most major books and popular bestselling titles.

I have questions about the Building Series.

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My question is about the DoubleZero System.

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Can I ask you questions about the Hippogryph System?

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I have questions about Pastel.

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What if have a question that’s not answered here?

You can submit questions via the Contact page. I love to hear from you!