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Fantasy Adventure Title Generator

This is a book full of tables. You need to roll for one adjective, one noun, and one mysterious place name. Roll dice, consult the tables, and fill in the blanks. That’s the name of your next fantasy adventure.


Take the title you’ve generated and use it for inspiration. Interpret what it might mean in the context of your campaign, the setting you’re playing in, and the game system you’re using. You can cheat and replace the random rolls with your own words, or just pick things off of the list rather than rolling. It’s okay. We won’t tell. The goal us to come up with something that sounds cool and is usable.


  • The Antediluvian Fracas of Elguiri
  • The Geometrical Baboon of Phoggos
  • The Disturbed Catacomb of Hla-Ek Hu
  • The Illogical Dictum of Besthomme
  • The Comely Gems of Alaeceus
  • The Awesome Palace of Ogtaclo
  • The Resolute Swineherd of Larchakor
  • The Chromatic Warden of Phoggos
  • The Suspicious Archduke of Snellwig
  • The Haunted Kern of Mockwillow
  • The Avuncular Ghast of Lymiar
  • The Crimson Moat of Gaabur Xur
  • The Medacious Autarch of Villusi
  • The Anfractuous Treasure of Ekevaru
  • The Ethereal Highwayman of Lytka-Lizak
  • The Puckish Cartwright of Hamilorth
  • The Cyclopean Effigy of Nitlotla
  • The Ferocious Fungus of Pandelos
  • The Infrangible Trickster of Rozennuk
  • The White Raven of Brystem

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