DoubleZero System July 2021 Update

DoubleZero System July 2021 Update

Here’s the DoubleZero System July 2021 update, so you know what’s going on with our best-selling percentile-based, skill-driven system for real-world roleplaying. It can be used for any sort of “realistic” modern setting that doesn’t lean into magic, the supernatural, or superpowers.

What’s Going On

A Director’s Cut of the DoubleZero Core Book is currently in the works. Based on player feedback, Easy Mode will become the fault. Rules for weapons, vehicles, and gadgets will be streamlined. Expanded rules will allow for use with an expanded array of real-world settings beyond the action, thriller, and espionage genres. Typos and editing artifacts are being aggressively hunted down and corrected.

The DoubleZero Gamemaster Guide will have some minor changes to bring it in line with the Director’s Cut. Currently available settings will not be updated, but new settings going forward will be based on the Director’s Cut.

The new format will be A5 (bullet journal size), which is the new Dancing Lights Press standard. Titles will be available in PDF, epub, and MOBI formats. There will be affordable hardcover editions via print-on-demand.

What’s In It For You

If you already own the most recent editions of these books, you will have the option to download the new digital editions for free from the My Library section of DriveThruRPG. You will not need to re-purchase the digital editions. If you don’t already own these titles, be advised that the prices will be increasing soon. Purchase them now, and you will get the new, revised editions for free when they become available.

What Titles Are Affected

When Will These Be Available

The Director’s Cut will be ready when it’s ready. I want this to be as close to perfect as possible, so I won’t be releasing it until I am 100% satisfied. My goal is to release it by late summer/early autumn. The worst-case scenario is sometime by the end of this year.