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DoubleZero: Glossary and Terminology


DoubleZero is about 50% edited at this point. My goal is to release it this week, barring any unpleasant surprises. There are still two main challenges to overcome: space, and the game’s glossary and terminology.

The first challenge is to make everything essential fit into the 96-page digest format. I’ve already cut the character sheet and turned it into a stand-alone document, which will be included with the PDF and also downloadable from the Dancing Lights Press website. Some nice-to-have but non-essential material will find its way into blog posts, future issues of the Hippogryph zine, and other DoubleZero sourcebooks.

The second obstacle, glossary and terminology, extends beyond DoubleZero. Originally I wanted to use most of the terms used by the British Secret Agent Game. I always thought some of them were weird (Mountaineering instead of Climbing, Fire Combat instead just about anything). The more I worked on it, the more some of the wording rubbed me the wrong way. I’ve been changing it to wording that feels right for the year 2020.

That bit of editing also led me to the decision to create a Dancing Lights Press standard. I want to use the same terms across the board. That includes the Hippogryph Codex, creative aids, everything. I’m not likely to go back and change books that have already been published, but I want a “house glossary” going forward. It will likely end up as a page on the website.

These has meant not just sorting out whether to call character statistics “attributes” or “characteristics”, it means creating a standardized skill list, settling on naming conventions for abilities, and deciding which familiar RPG jargon works and which feels awkward, dated, or innacurate.

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