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Domnio: A 4-Page Fantasy Roleplaying Game

Running a one-shot or fantasy campaign, and need a system that doesn’t require a lot of prep? Wondering how to introduce roleplaying concepts to new people intimidated by big rulebooks? Be ready to play within minutes using Domnio! It’s your basic elves and dwarves and fighters and wizards kind of game. There are 5 Attributes: Race, Class, Fighting, Spellcasting, and Other Stuff. Each of these both a die pool and something akin to an aspect in Fate, allowing you to interpret things on the fly. Roll dice, total them, and overcome a difficult target. Make up spells as you go along! Fight monsters! Get treasure! All of that stuff, but with a lot of flexibility and space to be creative.

Domnio is a 4-page PDF packed with all of the information you need to create characters and run the game. The minimalist presentation uses every bit of space on useful content.

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Domnio is available from DriveThruRPG and the Dancing Lights Press Shop.