Director’s Cut Editions and Bundles

In an effort to make yesterday’s update as simple as possible, I forgot to mention bundles. There were a lot of questions, so I’ve put together this mini-FAQ with everything I can think of about the Director’s Cut Editions and bundles.

Director’s Cut Editions and Bundles

  • All DXP bundles are 20% off the price of individual books.
  • You only pay for books you haven’t previously purchased at DriveThruRPG. If you already own one of the books, the price is automatically adjusted to reflect that.
  • Most existing bundles will be updated to reflect the new editions. There will be some new bundles released alongside the new editions. Other bundles will be discontinued and replaced with smaller bundles to keep price points reasonable.

1st Edition Bundle

2nd Edition Bundle

  • The coupon codes sent out for individual titles are for 40% off. The bundles are 20% off. If you’re upgrading from 1st edition to 2nd edition and have received discount codes, use them.
  • If you purchased a 1st edition book from DriveThruRPG but not the equivalent 2nd edition book and did not get coupon codes, be sure you have opted in to receive emails from us through DriveThruRPG. Look on the left-hand column of our page, in website view (not mobile), under “Follow Your Favorites”. I will be sending reminders with the codes on the 15th and 30th.
  • There is a bundle that contains the entire Building Series, including the 3 titles that will be upgraded to Director’s Cuts in the first wave. This bundle will eventually be replaced by two smaller bundles (the one listed immediately below, and a new bundle) to keep the price point reasonable.
  • There is a bundle that contains only the 3 titles in question. This bundle will continue to exist and but updated when the Director’s Cut editions are released.
  • Yes, when the price of the individual titles goes up, the price of the bundle will increase as well. It will always be 20% off the collective price of the individual titles.