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Demonology & WitchcraftA system-agnostic sourcebook in 5 volumes for any historical, horror, or fantasy game.

Demonology & Witchcraft is based on letters written by novelist Sir Walter Scott, a lifelong student of folklore and history, as well as other sources from the same period. In many ways Scott’s work represents the first attempt at scholarship regarding witchcraft and superstition. He had an extensive personal library on the subject of magic to call upon, which he had been building since childhood.

Although Scott had proposed writing a book about demonology, witchcraft, and superstition since as early as 1809, it wasn’t until he fell into financial hardship that he did so. His letters to his son-in-law, John Gibson Lockhart, Esq., were compiled and published in time for the Christmas season of 1830. This was to capitalize on the Victorian vogue for the ghostly and Gothic, the same cultural fascination responsible for Dickens’ A Christmas Carol thirteen years later.

The result is a rich, nuanced look at the period filled with information that can be mined for worldbuilding details usable in your own settings. There are colorful characters that can be adapted as villains and non-player characters. Story hooks abound, either as background details for your game world, or as adventure seeds for player characters to pursue.

In presenting the Witchcraft Reference series, my goal is to get people to look beyond official gaming material for inspiration. There is a wealth of ideas to be found in history, biographies, and older fiction from before the tabletop roleplaying game era that is waiting to be tapped. My hope is that this book with fire up your imagination, and help you to discover new possibilities.

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Demonology & Witchcraft

Publisher: Dancing Lights Press
Rule System: any system / system agnostic
Price: $5 per volume / $12.50 bundle
Publication Date: 3 June 2021
Format: 96 pages. A5 format (bullet journal size). PDF, ePub, Kindle
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