Dancing Lights Press Newsletter: 3 March 2019

This is the weekly Dancing Lights Press Newsletter for 3 March 2019. This will be published every Sunday around 1pm EST. It will be simultaneously sent to subscribers and posted on the website.

New This Week

Worldbuilding Power: Necromancy – Necromancy is magic that deals with the dead. That covers a lot of ground. It includes communicating with spirits as a form of divination. The unliving can be summoned, and usually commanded, by the caster. Raising the dead, as skeletons, zombies, or fully resurrected living beings is included in this category as well. That makes necromancers pretty powerful, not just in terms of game abilities but in story potential as well.

GM’s Day Sale

Are we the only ones that think it’s weird to celebrate the anniversary of Gary Gygax’s death? “March 4th/march forth” is a cute pun and all, but it’s still weird, right? Anyway, it’s the biggest sale of the year. Downloadable titles are up to 40% off. March Forth and grab some deals.

On the Blog

Based on traffic data and other feedback, we’re changing things up a bit. We’re aiming for one new blog post Monday through Thursday, a new product release on Friday, and the newsletter on Sunday. A lot of upcoming posts are about game design, our values as a company, and our vision of what we want to accomplish moving forward.

Coming Up Next

All dates are tentative and subject to change. The Untitled Foragers Guild Playset remains untitled pending some legal clearances.

  • Worldbuilding Power: ForestsMarch 8.
  • Worldbuilding Power: ConstructsMarch 15.
  • Untitled Foragers Guild PlaysetMarch 22.
  • Worldbuilding Power: AlterationMarch 29.

Thanks and Gratitude

Thanks to everyone who has shared the newsletter and the blog posts. We appreciate the comments. This is going to be a challenging year as we continue to learn and grown, and your support means everything. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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