Dancing Lights Press Newsletter 27 January 2019

This is the weekly Dancing Lights Press Newsletter for 27 January 2019. This will be published every Sunday around 1pm EST. It will be simultaneously sent to subscribers and posted on the website.

New This Week

Worldbuilding Power: CitiesHalf price through Sunday, January 27th! A city can be a lot of things. It might be a crossroads, the place where trade routes converge and merchants ply their trade. Some see it as a place of opportunity, to gain wealth and power, politically and otherwise. Others find it to be center of culture and the arts. It can be a refuge, where those seeking freedom from oppression gather and form new communities. There are those who see it as the center of evil, with crime and danger lurking in every shadow. A city can be a lot of things. And it can be all of them at once.

In this book, we’ll show you how to utilize cities in your worldbuilding endeavors. You’ll see how it can influence character, setting, and story elements. By the end, you’ll understand how to better utilize urban realms as essential, useful, and entertaining parts of your campaign.

Foragers Guild Guides Sale

All of the Foragers Guild Guide titles are currently 50% off. That’s only going to last until the end of this month. If you’re interested in grabbing any of these titles cheap, now is the time to do it. Even the bundles these titles appear in will only offer a 20% discount after this pricing end.

On the Blog

I’m still trying to find my voice on the blog. It’s been a decade since I stopped being an RPG blogger, so I’m understandably rusty. Your feedback is appreciated. Here’s what I dropped this week:

Coming Up Next

The Lighthouse System is in final editing. We’re working around the clock to get it ready for release this week. It does look like we might have to slip the first playset by a week. Remember that this kind of product is new to us. Compared to some Kickstarters, shifting release by a week is nothing. Plus, we haven’t already taken your money.

Here’s what’s in the pipeline for the coming weeks:

  • Lighthouse System [Black Box Edition] (February 1)
  • Worldbuilding Power: Conjuration (February 8)
  • Worldbuilding Power: Dragons (February 15)
  • Foragers Guild Playset (February 22 or March 1)

Thanks and Gratitude

Thanks to everyone who has shared the newsletter and the blog posts. We appreciate the comments. This is going to be a challenging year as we continue to learn and grown, and your support means everything. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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