Dancing Lights Press Newsletter: 10 February 2019

This is the weekly Dancing Lights Press Newsletter for 10 February 2019. This will be published every Sunday around 1pm EST. It will be simultaneously sent to subscribers and posted on the website.

New This Week

Worldbuilding Power: ConjurationHalf price through Sunday, February 10th! The word conjure stems from the Latin coniurare, to swear together or conspire. It means to command an oath, as in a pledge of duty or loyalty. Around the 14th century it took on the magical connotation of constraining a demon or spirit, forcing it to do that caster’s bidding. In the context of tabletop roleplaying, it refers to the general ability to call upon various forces.

In this book, we’ll show you how to utilize conjuration in your worldbuilding endeavors. You’ll see how it can influence character, setting, and story elements. By the end, you’ll understand how to make conjuration into an essential, useful, and entertaining part of your campaign.

Game Design Posts

There’s been a change of plans. Rather than posting one or two blog posts on the weekend, we’ll be posting at least once per day. This will run for at least a month, to help us build both momentum and a body of content. The initial wave of posts will deal with game design, and being a game designer. All feedback is appreciated.

Lighthouse System

The release of the Lighthouse System got pushed back another week due to ongoing issues with DriveThruRPG. The ability to upload files is still a hit-or-miss proposition. Print-on-demand functions, which include both our ability to order proofs and customers’ ability to order anything, are still down. They’re making amazing progress, and have already fixed a number of other known problems. Here’s hoping the have a handle on this by next week.

Until then, we’ve begun releasing a series of blog posts about the Lighthouse System to whet your appetite.

Thanks and Gratitude

Thanks to everyone who has shared the newsletter and the blog posts. We appreciate the comments. This is going to be a challenging year as we continue to learn and grown, and your support means everything. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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