Creativity and the January 2022 Newsletter

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

— Maya Angelou, interview in Bell Telephone Magazine, Volume 61, Number 1, 1982.

If you’re like me, creativity isn’t the problem. It’s not having enough time and energy to use all of the ideas I come up with that frustrates me. You have a grand vision in your head, but lack the resources to execute it the way that you want. Sometimes you know what you want the final result to be, but aren’t sure how to get from where you are to that completed project.

I fear that the newsletter will be informative but boring. I need to tell you what’s in the pipeline and the status of print-on-demand books. Doing that in a fun and exciting way is hard. That’s why the quote above popped into my head. I realized that I just need to do the newsletter to the best of my ability and keep doing it every month. The ideas will come. If it’s not perfect today, the next issue will be better. The more I do this, the more creativity I will generate.

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I hope you’re doing well today.

Berin Kinsman
Lightspress Media