Coming Thursday: the January 2022 Newsletter!

The January 2022 issue of the new Lightspress Newsletter drops this coming Thursday, the 6th! I am happy to share information on new releases, updates on projects, and peeks behind the scenes. All for free, in both written and audio formats!

This month will see the release of the DoubleZero Director’s Cut. If you already own the current core rules, we will update the digital files on DriveThruRPG so you can download the new edition from your library! Along with the comes DoubleZero: Licensed, a setting inspired by 1960s spy-fi. You can learn more about those in the newsletter.

We are also finishing up the Director’s Cut editions of Building Adventures and How To Gamemaster, both of which will be available this month. We will update the digital files for those that have already purchased the current edition.

There are also updates on merchandise, print-on-demand books, merch, errata, system reference documents, and this month’s Q&A. That’s right! Patrons can submit questions, and I will be posting the answers in both text and audio on Patreon this Sunday!

You can read or listen to the newsletter free on the Lightspress Media Patreon page! It’s possible to follow without becoming a patron, but only members can submit questions for the Q&A! Check it out now at

I hope you’re doing well today!

Berin Kinsman
Lightspress Media