Now Available: A History of Witchcraft

This History of Witchcraft is a system-agnostic sourcebook for any historical, horror, or fantasy game. In four volumes it presents a real-world account of witchcraft in England between 1558 to 1718. Based on the academic work of Wallace Notestein, it focuses on the political and cultural causes and impacts of witchhunters and witch trials, ratherContinue reading “Now Available: A History of Witchcraft”

Now Available: Discovery of Witches

Hello, Light Brigade! You can’t discuss the history of witchcraft without bringing up witch hunters, and you can talk about witch hunters and leave out the Witchfinder General himself, Matthew Hopkins. The volume you’re reading right now contains his classic treatise, The Discovery of Witches. Nominally an explanation of how Hopkins identified who was aContinue reading “Now Available: Discovery of Witches”

Now Available: Medieval Origins Series

Hello, Light Brigade! Blame Gary Gygax. He’s the one that started me down this path. If he hadn’t drawn so much inspiration from real-world history, and chucked it wholesale into 1st Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, I might not have been sucked into using it as fodder for my own games. Where other people wereContinue reading “Now Available: Medieval Origins Series”

Now Available: The Pirates’ Who’s Who

Hello, Light Brigade! This version of The Pirates’ Who’s Who, presented in 4 volumes, was edited with the creative tabletop roleplayer in mind. It provides an overview of the topic of piracy, and discussed the way its history has been documented. There’s a lot of information, but not so much that it overwhelms, or leavesContinue reading “Now Available: The Pirates’ Who’s Who”