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20% to 50% Off BUNDLES of BEST SELLERS

Right now: 20% to 50% off bundles of best sellers!  Building Series Bundle A collection of toolkits for gamemasters, worldbuilders, and other creative roleplayers! The Building Series Bundle is a collection of 10 bestselling toolkits for tabletop roleplayers! Each book is system-agnostic and usable with any of your favorite games and settings! As with all bundles at […]

What is Lo-Fi Publishing?

Dancing Lights Press embraces a lo-fi approach to independent publishing. Small, lightweight formats fit into any bag. Limited page counts keep the text concise, with a focus on clarity over flourish. Graphic elements, including artwork, charts, and tables, must serve to enhance the text. The utility of content takes precedence over production value for its […]

The RPG Dollar Store is Open

The RPG Dollar Store is open, with nearly a hundred bestseller Dancing Lights Press titles available for — you guessed it — one dollar. Most of the titles on offer are system-agnostic, so there’s something for everyone. There are also several bundle deals at 20% off, taking the price down even lower! And as with […]