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Here’s the table of contents for Building Theme. This will give you an idea about what’s included in the book, and the topics covered.



Theme and Roleplaying

  • What is Theme?
  • Theme is Explores an Idea
  • Elements of Theme

Common Themes

  • The Circle of Life
  • Crime Does Not Pay
  • Family is the Most Important Thing
  • Friendship Requires Sacrifice
  • Human Experience is Universal
  • Nature versus Humanity
  • Society versus Humanity
  • The Universe versus Humanity
  • Love Conquers All
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Sacrifice Brings Reward
  • The Universe Seeks Balance
  • Comparison and Contrast
  • Other Themes

Inserting Theme Into Story Elements

  • Premise and Theme
  • Genre and Theme
  • Place and Time and Theme
  • Stakes and Theme
  • Characters and Theme
  • Locations and Theme
  • Props and Theme
  • Worldbuilding and Theme

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A minimalist 96-page guide to creating memorable stories for any tabletop roleplaying system or setting.

Building ThemeBuilding Theme: When discussing any other form of storytelling, the concept of theme will eventually come up. It doesn’t matter if the medium is a novel, a film, a television series, even a comic book or a song. The people having the discussion might be writers, readers, critics, or academics. Opinions will be exchanged about what the deeper meaning of the story is, and what the author of the piece was trying to say. Building Theme

Roleplaying games are different in structure, and the needs of the story, the gamemaster, and the players are unique. Adventures are still stories. Embracing theme can be an easy way to make those stories even better. It’s infinitely more interesting when the character kills the monster, steals the treasure, and levels up for some actual purpose — just look at nearly any fantasy novel or movie. Punching supervillains and overthrowing galactic overlords is a lot more fun when there’s some emotional connection to be made, something that players can relate to beyond fight scenes and explosions.

Building Theme

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