Building Characters Merch is Now Available

Building Character Merch is Now Available

Building Characters Merch

Building Characters is a system-neutral toolkit for creating memorable tabletop roleplaying characters. It’s designed to work with any rules, settings, and genres. The purpose of this book is to make you think about all of the elements that go into a character. The goal is to spark ideas on how to roleplay them, understand the way they fit into the game world, and better imagine the sorts of adventures that they might go on. You do not need to use everything in this book, but leverage whatever makes sense for your character, the setting, and the overall campaign.

This book includes:

  • Background: The fundamentals of creating a character. Naming them. Describe their physical appearance. Determine the role they fill in game terms. Work out the personality you’ll use to roleplay them. Decide on their stance toward the overarching themes of the game.
  • Statistics: Looking at the character in game terms. Connecting abilities to roleplaying and story opportunities. Includes core attributes and skills. Select modifiers that provide bonuses or penalties to die rolls. Work out the resources, powers, or spells they have.
  • Life Story: All the characters’ lived experiences before the game. Flesh out their personal preferences and the reasons behind them. Explore influences of cultural, religious, and political forces. Examine their past from early childhood through to the present day.
  • Motivations: The reasons the character does what they do, and why they behave the way they do. Flesh out basic needs, both met and unmet. Determine their aspirational goals and influential relationships. Develop an in-game rationale behind increasing abilities and gaining new ones.
  • Worlds and Characters: Explore the influence your game setting has on every character element. Integrate canon worldbuilding material into backgrounds and personalities. Expand existing worldbuilding using the character’s background. Make the character an integral part of the world.
  • Adventures and Characters: Create a character that fits well with planned adventures. Provide a rationale to answer the call to adventure. Find reasons to work alongside other characters, and pursue goals that might not always align with their objectives.
  • Systems and Characters: Examine how the rules you are using both shape and limit the possibilities for a character. The available selection abilities, actions, and complications are part of their reality. These can affect character personalities and ambitions.
  • Character Generator: Randomly roll prompts to help you create Background, Statistics, Life Story, and Motivation elements using the concepts found in this book. The resulting outline can be used to develop either player characters or supporting characters.

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System-Neutral Toolkits

Building Characters is part of system-neutral creative aids for all tabletop roleplayers. Use these bestselling books with any rules, genre, or setting. Adapt and apply them to any game. Each volume focuses on one element, like character development, worldbuilding, or adventure design.

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