Building Adventures: Table of Contents

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Here’s the current table of contents for Building Adventures. This will give you an idea about what’s included in the book, and the topics that will be covered.



  • Characters and Adventures
  • Worldbuilding and Adventures
  • Rules and Adventures
  • The Three-Act Structure
  • Using This Book

The Building Format

  • Name
  • Description
  • Purpose
  • Modifiers
  • Story Points


  • Adventure Description
  • Clarifying the Purpose
  • Determining Modifiers
  • Blocking Out Story Points

Act I: Beginnings

  • Act I Description
  • Establishing the Purpose
  • Introducing Modifiers
  • Opening Story Points

Act II: Middles

  • Act II Description
  • Exploring the Purpose
  • Leveraging Modifiers
  • Expanding Story Points

Act III: Endings

  • Act III Description
  • Fulfilling the Purpose
  • Mastering Modifiers
  • Concluding Story Points

The Epilogue

  • Epilogue Description
  • Reviewing the Purpose
  • Resetting Modifiers
  • Tying Up Loose Story Points

Building Campaigns

  • Campaign Preparation
  • Introductions
  • Explorations
  • Conclusions
  • Campaign Epilogue

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Dancing Lights Press

A minimalist 96-page guide to creating memorable stories for any tabletop roleplaying system or setting.

Building AdventuresBuilding Adventures is a system-agnostic book about respecting player creativity and agency while reducing the burden of gamemaster preparation. There is a way to create tabletop roleplaying scenarios that don’t require the gamemaster to be ready for every possibility, without restricting players to a limited number of choices and actions. The gamemaster begins by setting an adventure goal, then allowing players to make the their own decisions and pursue that goal in their own way.

Building Adventures is broken into eight sections:

  • Introduction: A brief overview of what this book is about, the concepts that will be discussed, and ways that you can put it to use in building adventures for your favorite tabletop roleplaying game.
  • Adventure Format: The standard “stat block” for the Building Series, this will help you to track elements regardless of the system you’re using. This chapter covers the five components: Name, Description, Purpose, Modifiers, and Story Points.
  • Preparation: This chapter covers key areas for developing the elements necessary to run an adventure. These include Adventure Description, Clarifying the Purpose, Determining Modifiers, and Blocking Out Story Points.
  • Act I: Beginnings: This chapter covers developing the first act of a tabletop roleplaying adventure. The emphasis is on Describing Act I, Establishing the Purpose, Introducing Modifiers, and Opening Story Points.
  • Act II: Middles: This chapter covers developing the second act of a tabletop roleplaying adventure. The emphasis is on Describing Act II, Exploring the Purpose, Leveraging Modifiers, and Expanding Story Points.
  • Act III: Endings: This chapter covers developing the third act of a tabletop roleplaying adventure. The emphasis is on Describing Act III, Fulfilling the Purpose, Mastering Modifiers, and Concluding Story Points.
  • Epilogue: This chapter covers what happens after an adventure is over. The emphasis is on Describing the Epilogue, Reviewing the Purpose, Resetting Modifiers, and Tying Up Loose Story Points.
  • Campaign Elements: An ongoing, interconnected series of adventures is called a campaign. This chapter covers five areas: Campaign Preparation, Phase I: Introductions, Phase II: Explorations, Phase III: Conclusions, and Campaign Epilogue.

Building Adventures

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Format: 96 pages. 6X9 (digest-sized). PDF, ePub, Kindle, softcover (print-on-demand).

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