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Area of Effect: The Blog

This blog officially has a name now. I was originally going to call it something that had the word “manifesto”, to indicate that it reflected my position on things at the moment. The running theme in my game design work, after all, is questioning the status quo. Daniel told me that I overuse the word manifesto, and as I generally defer to his wisdom I had to look around. Where I finally landed, as you can see, is on Area of Effect.

It had to be a term roleplayers would recognize, to signal that this was in fact an RPG blog. In the past I have tried to be clever, to think outside the box, and it doesn’t work. The larger challenge was finding a term that appealed to me, that could fit with what I’m trying to do, that hasn’t already been used. Circle back to thinking outside of the box, and trying to be clever, rather than sticking to things are are familiar that can immediately resonate. It was an exercise in madness.

Area of Effect: The Blog

As a title for these posts, Area of Effect works for me because it relates to influence. How can gamemasters leverage their role to impact stories, characters, and worldbuilding. What can players do to exert influence over the game. It’s about the reach I’d like to have in the field of game design, acknowledging that there are practical limits. Those are the kinds of things I want to continue to write about here, not generic crunch or fluff or gossip about whatever controversy is blowing up at the moment.

At the start of each month all of these posts will be collected into zine format (and if that’s how you’re seeing this now, hello!). This allows you to binge-read in a variety of formats. The zine is free, but will be made available as pay-what-you-want if you want to support the blogging and zine efforts. The first issue is available now at DriveThruRPG.

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