April 2021: State of Dancing Lights Press

Hello, Light Brigade

This is just a quick update to let you know what’s happening with Dancing Lights Press as of this moment, April 2021.

New Studio Space

We are in the process of moving to a new studio space. This will allow us to do some things that will expand the business, like produce podcasts and videos. It also means we’ll be able to carry some small amount of inventory for signed copies of books and autographed merch. Not all of these things will happen right away, but a new space will give us the room to grow over the next couple of years.

United States-Based Partnership

Most of our customers are in the United States. Kickstarter doesn’t work with creators in Finland. The cost of international shipping is on the rise. For that reason, we’re outsourcing some of our business operations to a partner in the United States. As with the new studio space, this will allow us to grow the business over the next couple of years. It’s all about future planning.

How You Can Help

Packing things up, moving, and getting set up again in a new place takes valuable time. Training new strategic partners to handle aspects of the business takes time. New releases have already slowed to a crawl while we’re been planning all of this. We’re going to need your support during this transition. Here’s how you can help:

  • It would really help if you could leave 5-star reviews on the books that you find valuable.
  • Tell your friends about us, share links to our books on social media, and do anything you can to help spread the word.
  • If you have titles on your wishlist, now’s the time to buy. They’re probably in a bundle, so you can complete a series and save money.

I greatly appreciate your ongoing support.

Thanks again,
Berin Kinsman
Dancing Lights Press

April 2021