All Your Eggs in One Basket

People ask me why I’ve got 3 product lines, with a 4th in development for release next year. After all, I’m a one-person operation. Wouldn’t it be better to focus on one thing and do that? There are two ways to look at this, but both come down to putting all your eggs in one basket.

From a creative standpoint, I can’t imagine working on just one thing. The System-Neutral books give me inspiration for DoubleZero and Hippogryph. How one of those systems handles a specific topic makes me consider how it would work in the other. Both make me think about what the system-neutral version would be. This approach tends to make all of the work, regardless of the product line, stronger.

My eventual goal is to be producing settings. I have a lot of ideas, but they don’t all come down to one genre. Hippogryph exists so I can express the fantasy worlds I’m longing to create. DoubleZero exists because I want to dive more deeply into “real world” inspired gaming. The System-Neutral books give me the tools to work on those projects, to create systemless settings, or to generate material for a third-party game system should I choose.

The second way to look at this is from a business standpoint. If one product line tanks, I can still make money on the others. While there is overlap between lines, each appeals to a different customer base. This diversification serves to make the company more stable over time. The forthcoming settings target a cross-section of both roleplayers and non-roleplayers.

All Your Eggs in One Basket

If you look at the creator community beyond tabletop roleplaying, you will see successful people branching out. YouTubers fear the ever-changing algorithm and demonetization. The US nearly banned TikTok for a minute, which left people worrying about their income. Reliance on one revenue stream, one product, or even one platform, is a gamble. To make a living as a creator of any sort, you need to diversify.
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