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About the Lighthouse System Core Book

The Lighthouse System: A Simple, Universal Storygame System.

Core Mechanic

  • Roll a d20 and add modifiers.
  • If the result is high (11+) you succeed.
  • If the result in low (10 or less) you fail.
  • When the result is even, you narrate the outcome.
  • When the result is odd, the guide narrates the outcome.


  • When you declare your action, you bid a die.
  • The size of the die dictates the desired outcome.
  • d4 is minimal outcome, d12 is maximum.
  • Risk die are tokens, you don’t roll them.
  • Interpret degree of success or failure based on risk.
  • If you fail, you temporarily lose that die.


  • Successful actions against a target create complications.
  • These can be injuries, based on risk die bid.
  • Injuries create penalties: d4 = -1, d6 = -2, etc.
  • Complications can be obstacles or problems.
  • If you fail an action, you can take on a complication.
  • Duration is based on risk die size, but can be cleared in-story.

Fun Stuff

  • The Lighthouse System is easy for new players to learn.
  • Experienced players can explore risk and shared narration.
  • Shared narration allows for more overall participation.
  • Players can narrate the guide’s successes and failures.
  • Players can narrate their own successes and failures.


  • Character profiles are descriptive.
  • Think GIJoe cards, fictional world encyclopedias, Wikipedia.
  • Be as detailed or a minimal as you like.
  • If a profile implies they should be able to do something, they can.
  • Profiles can be updated during play to reflect what they’ve done.
  • No character death unless the player agrees to it.

Lighthouse System Facts

  • It got its name because it’s “rules lite” and our house system.
  • Yes, seriously.
  • The core book is 96 pages and only $10 USD.
  • We make other games using the Lighthouse System.
  • They contain setting material and ready-to-play characters.
  • You don’t need the core book to play our other games.
  • Those games are also 96 pages and only $10 USD.

Give It a Try

  • You can buy our stuff at DriveThruRPG.
  • It’s all in PDF, Kindle, and epub.
  • The only way to do it wrong is to not have fun.

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  1. Lighthouse System is the Featured Product today, on the front page of DriveThruRPG, today, 2019-07-13.
    Attaching a link to a pic I posted on my public Facebook feed as proof. If you can open this, enjoy. Otherwise, go onto DTRPG and check it out for yourself.
    Congratulations, Berin. 🙂

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