A Farewell to Highmoon

This past week my dear friend Daniel shuttered his publishing company. He’d run Highmoon Press since 2009 and had been an RPG blogger and podcaster for longer than that. I wanted to take a moment to say farewell to Highmoon. Both the company and the man have been an inspiration to me. There would be no DXP without Daniel.

Even though we’d known each other for years, I’d say our friendship solidified in 2018. Daniel read about the Dogme95 film movement and started comparing that to some of the problems plaguing the tabletop roleplaying industry. He contacted me with an early draft of the Black Box Manifesto. Seeing what I was doing with DXP, Daniel wanted my input. Even though he gives me credit on the document, it was all him. I added my two cents about black box theater, and that influenced the document’s title.

I had been operating under a loose set of design and business principles. Daniel helped me to codify them. When I was still throwing things at the wall to see what stuck, he helped me find clarity. Daniel is one of the people I bounce ideas off of and always gives me honest and constructive feedback. I am proud to say that he’s a member of the DXP family.

On a more practical level, Katie and I would not have this apartment/studio space (not a studio apartment) if it weren’t for Daniel. Trying to find an apartment in the United States while we were still in Finland was like undertaking the labors of Hercules. We chose Delaware in large part to be close to Daniel. He took time out of his busy life to make some phone calls for us. After a long, hard day at work, he met with the landlord of what’s now our home. He didn’t have to. He could have just gone home to spend time with his family. It’s because the landlord fell in love with Daniel (he still talks about what a great guy my friend is) that we have an affordable place to live and work.

A Farewell to Highmoon

I would say that this hobby will be lesser without him, but that sounds too much like a eulogy. He has a purpose in life, and he’s living it. Even though he’s not involved in tabletop roleplaying on a professional level, he is doing good in the world. That counts for a lot. We should all strive to be more like Daniel.