9 August 2021: Exploring TTRPG as a Medium

The first books published by Dancing Lights Press formed the foundation of what would become the Building Series. My intention was to explore TTRPG as a medium, starting with the elements it has in common with fiction. First, I looked at what character creation in tabletop roleplaying games had in common with the same act in novels and screenplays. From there I looked at worldbuilding, and moved on the story beats as they related to adventure design.

The next step, of course, was to tease out what was different. Tabletop roleplaying isn’t a novel, or a television series, or a video game. Understanding the similarities is helpful, but limiting. There’s a lot of improv, so becoming familiar with that helps. There’s also a great deal of structure, borrowed mainly from wargaming, that can both hold a TTRPG together and create problems.

Exploring TTRPG as a Medium

All of this is why I feel the need to revise the core Building Series titles before Dancing Lights Press can move forward. They’re the foundation that DoubleZero, Hippogryph, and Pastel are all built upon. These books contain the philosophy and principles that I built those games on. I created them as toolkits for my own game design work. Therefore, they need to be as good as they can possibly be.

Today I’m deep into editing and revising Building Characters. From there I’m moving on to the other titles in the line. I’m designating these updated editions as the Director’s Cuts. If you already own the current edition, the digital files will be pushed to you for free.

The plan is to release all of the Building Series Director’s Cut books at once. When they’re done, boom, all updated. This also means that the new hardcover editions will have all been proofed by me and approved by the printer. Yeah, one day, boom, new digital files and the ability to order hardcover versions. They’re all going to be A5 (bullet journal) size, making them easy to work with and carry around.

The books in the Building Series getting the Director’s Cut treatment are:

Stay tuned.

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