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Reality Check: 7 September 2020

Adventure Generator, DoubleZero in print, and seriously, the Hippogryph Codex is coming. This is the Reality Check for 7 September 2020.

The most frequently asked question I get comes in three parts: 1) How do you manage to make a living in an industry where the pay is ridiculously low? 2) How do you have best sellers when you have no art in them?, and 3) How do you have over 150 best selling titles on DriveThruRPG and I’ve never heard of you before?

Starting this week, I’m going to be writing a series of essays about this. It all comes down to my philosopReality Check: 7 September 2020hy of design and business, both of which begin with the Black Box Movement. If I had to sum it up, I’d quote Theodore Roosevelt: “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” Stay tuned.

Building Series

The next three releases are going to be the final Building Series titles for 2020. I’ll have said everything that I need and want to say on that front for the moment. This doesn’t mean the line is ending. I just don’t want to clutter it up with filler and forced concepts just to keep it going.

  • Adventure Generator 1 – 11 September
  • Adventure Generator 2 – 11 September
  • Building Monsters – 18 September

Release dates are subject to the caveat that I am a one-person operation, and this is the year 2020 where unpredictable and outlandish things happen on a daily basis.

DoubleZero System

Proofs for the DoubleZero Core Book will be ordered this week. I’ve been waiting for the *gestures wildly at the world* situation to abate, but that’s clearly not going to happen soon. It will take over a month for them to get here for approval, at which time I can make the product live. Then it might take a month or more for you to get your copy from the print-on-demand fulfillment house, because *gestures wildly at the world*

I’ve had requests for both a hardcover and softcover version, so both will be available. Depending on *gestures wildly at the world* they may not become available to order at the same time, so please be patient.

The PDF is so close to reaching Gold Best Seller level I can taste it. I know that a lot of people have held off on ordering it, waiting for the print version. This is a system that’s going to have legs, and only gain popularity over time.

Hippogryph System

Unless I get hit by a truck or become seriously ill, which honestly *gestures wildly at the world*, this book will finally be out at the end of the month. I will be ordering proofs for both softcover and hardcover versions, which as noted above will take at least a month to receive and approve. Then I’ll feel more comfortable talking about what I have planned for the line.

  • Hippogryph Codex – 28 September

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Reality Check: 7 September 2020

This weekly update is called the Reality Check because it’s designed to hold me accountable. I want to clearly communicate what’s going on with Dancing Lights Press products in development. My goal is to set realistic expectations for new releases, and give you a glimpse inside the process of lo-fi publishing.
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Dancing Lights Press is a lo-fi publisher of tabletop roleplaying systems and system-agnostic creative aids, including the best selling Building series, the DoubleZero action thriller system, and Hippogryph, a fantasy story game system with traditional  roots. Our products embrace a minimalist aesthetic in design and presentation because roleplaying is an activity, not a collection of expensive rulebooks.