Director’s Cut Update: 6 October 2021

Just a quick Director’s Cut update for 6 October 2021. I want to let you know how things are shaping up. All of this is subject to change, of course, and there are some contingencies that I’ll explain as we go.

Phase 1

  • Building Characters
  • Build Worlds
  • Building Adventures

These books are foundational to everything. They embody the lo-fi spirit and philosophy of DXP. The terminology used to discuss characters, worlds, adventures, and systems through all of our books of codified here. As the first books in a new format for us (hardcover), they’re setting the standard for our production capabilities. That’s why these books are taking so long. I’m being particular about every detail. Once they’re released, all of the other phases will quickly follow.

Phase 2

  • Gamemaster Guide (System-Neutral)
  • Campaign Journaling (System-Neutral)
  • Character Journaling (System-Neutral)

These books are a revised edition of How to Gamemaster, an expanded edition of Bullet Journaling for Gamemasters, and a new book on how to use a bullet journal as a player, respectively. They will be brought in line with the terminology and format established in Phase 1.

Phase 3

  • DoubleZero Director’s Cut
  • Gamemaster Guide (DoubleZero Edition)
  • Campaign Journaling (DoubleZero Edition)
  • Character Journaling (DoubleZero Edition)

The Director’s Cut of DoubleZero will default to the “easy mode” rules. Weapons, vehicles, and equipment will be streamlined. There are some tweaks in the works for skills and occupations that will make them easier to adapt to a broader variety of settings. The other three books are DoubleZero-specific iterations of the Phase 2 titles.

Phase 4

  • Building Worlds 2
  • Adventure Generator 1
  • Adventure Generator 2
  • Building Theme
  • Building Monsters

The surviving “Building Series” titles will be released in Phase 4. There’s not a lot being done to them other than a thorough re-editing to clean up lingering typos, and bringing them in line with the standard terminology established in Phase 1.

Phase 5

  • Hippogryph Director’s Cut
  • Gamemaster Guide (Hippogryph Edition)
  • Campaign Journaling (Hippogryph Edition)
  • Character Journaling (Hippogryph Edition)

The main rulebook is being re-edited for clarity. Other than that, not a lot of changes are being made. Some new material is planned if tightening up the existing rules creates enough space. The other books are just system-specific iterations of the Phase 2 titles.

Coming in 2022

  • Settings for DoubleZero.
  • Setting and sourcebooks for Hippogryph.
  • The Pastel system.

I hope you’re doing well today.

Berin Kinsman
Man in the Arena
Dancing Lights Press