22 July 2021: Sorting Future Endeavors

Getting back to work full-time has taken longer than expected. Moving from Finland to Delaware has been a lot more harrowing than it ought to be. Getting utilities, including the internet, hooked up was an ordeal. There were too many moving parts involved in getting furniture ordered and delivered. We still don’t have media equipment (cameras, lights, mics, etc.). Unexpected things keep cropping up, which prevent me from spending a full day in the office on a consistent basis. So today I want to take a moment to reset expectations about future endeavors.

Job 1 is getting the revised books out. That’s money coming in. The remastered Building Series, the Journaling books (Campaign Journaling, aka Bullet Journaling for Gamemasters 2e, and Character Journaling), and DoubleZero Director’s Cut. The latter with a new System Reference Document. All of the above released in hardcover. There is a lot more in the pipeline, but nothing will be announced until those are done.

Job 2 is preparing for media releases. The newsletter, the podcast, and the vlog. Some things will be scripted. Others will be off-the-cuff. All are intended to boost the signal and help people better understand what I’m trying to accomplish with Dancing Lights Press.  This daily blog update is a small move in that direction.

Future Endeavors

In spite of the fits and starts, I am fighting forward. While I may not be moving at the speed that I, and some of you, would like me to be moving, progress is being made. For the first 5 years of this company, I needed to do things fast in order to stay afloat. There are obvious flaws in that methodology, and the majority of criticism is centered on them, but it’s kept the bills paid and allowed me to afford living abroad as well as moving back. Man in the Arena.

Now I finally get to take my time and do things right. It still won’t be the traditional way, or how many people think tabletop roleplaying publishing should be done. I will continue to embrace and explore the lo-fi aesthetic. Now I finally get to execute my vision, and do things that way I want to do them.

Thank for coming along for the ride.