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Reality Check: 21 November 2020

BUNDLE OF HOLDING, upcoming releases, and a print-on-demand update. This is the Reality Check, the Dancing Lights Press weekly newsletter for 21 November 2020.

On one hand, I’m wondering how November is almost over. Did the end of the year sneak up on you, too? On the other hand, whew, we’re in the home stretch and 2020 is almost over. Hopefully next year will either hearken the return of the old normal, or we’ll make our peace with the new normal. I’m venture it will probably some combination of the two. In any case, I hope that everyone is safe and healthy right now.

Final Weekend: Bundle of Holding

There are 5 Dancing Lights Press titles in the Worldbuilder’s Toolkit 4 bundle. We’re in the esteemed company of Wolfgang Baur of Kobold Press, Johnn Four of Roleplaying Tips, and the gang from Gnome Stew. A percentage of the sales go to Direct Relief, a charity that sends protective gear and critical care medications to health workers, with emergency deliveries to medical facilities across the US and Canada and to regional response agencies around the world.

Upcoming Releases

I didn’t release Mansions & Misfits this week because I didn’t want it to get lost amid the Bundle of Holding offer and the print-on-demand deadlines. That’s already enough that I’m asking you to spend money on. I’m holding off on releasing it until 4 December, because I don’t want it to be buried under Black Friday deals. Traditionally, titles released during site-wide sales at DriveThruRPG do poorly for me.

The next trio of releases after that are the Guide Manuals. There will be three: one specifically for the DoubleZero System, one for the Hippogryph System, and a currently untitled system agnostic volume. All will be 96 pages, released digitally first with print-on-demand options available based on the speed of pandemic shutdowns and mail service issues. I’ll talk more about the contents of each in the coming weeks, but they will be different. It’s not going to be the same book released three times with different titles and covers. There will be overlaps in the type of content, i.e. all will has sections on running investigations, but it will be tailored to the system (or, in the case of the system-agnostic volume, offer advice on adapting it to your mechanics of choice).

In Case You Missed It

Print on Demand Update

I’m still awaiting delivery of proofs (“test copies” from the printer) for the following titles:

  • Hippogryph Codex (hardcover) – shipped, awaiting delivery
  • Hippogryph Codex (softcover) – shipped, awaiting delivery
  • DoubleZero Core Book (hardcover) – shipped, awaiting delivery

As soon as I receive and review the proofs for each title, assuming everything is correct, they will become available as print-on-demand. If you have purchased a PDF version through DriveThruRPG, and have opted in to receive email from Dancing Lights Press, you will receive a coupon code for the PDF price off of your POD order. There will also be updates in all of the usual places as the print option for each title becomes available.

Reality Check: 21 November 2020

This weekly update is called the Reality Check because it’s designed to hold me accountable. I want to clearly communicate what’s going on with Dancing Lights Press products in development. My goal is to set realistic expectations for new releases, and give you a glimpse inside the process of lo-fi publishing.

I want to thank you for your continued support. If you’ve loved something I’ve published, please consider taking a moment to give it a five-star rating and a favorable review at DriveThruRPG. It’s a small thing that has a lot of impact.

About Dancing Lights Press

Dancing Lights Press is a lo-fi publisher of tabletop roleplaying systems and system-agnostic creative aids, including the best selling Building Series of creative aids, the DoubleZero System for modern settings, and the Hippogryph System, a story game with traditional tabletop roleplaying roots. Our products embrace a minimalist aesthetic in design and presentation because roleplaying is an activity, not a collection of expensive rulebooks.