21 July 2021: Using the Open Game License

Today’s mission is to format the Open Game License (OGL) into the master template. This will be a placeholder, of course. Each book will have its own Section 15 Copyright Notice, as well as statements of Open Game Content and Product Identity. Not all books will be open; it doesn’t make sense for the system-agnostic books. The DoubleZero Director’s Cut will be OGL, as will the Hippogryph Director’s Cut.

Open Game License

Which is a roundabout way of saying that I remain committed to the vision of the OGL. It should be relatively easy for people to create derivative works, while still protecting the original creators’ intellectual property. I get unsolicited manuscripts from people pitching me ideas, and I want to tell them “Go for it, but publish it yourself!” A rising tide, as the saying goes, lifts all boats.

System Reference Document

One hitch in putting together the DoubleZero Director’s Cut (DZDC) is assembling a new System Reference Document (SRD). The current DZ SRD is, admittedly, a hot mess. I also don’t have a clear and effective way to distribute it at the moment. Accessibility and usability is kind of important. It doesn’t help anyone if you have to dig to find a copy. Those are problems that will be resolved before the DZDC is released.