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Reality Check: 14 September 2020

I’m down with a respiratory infection that won’t go away. That is the Reality Check for 14 September 2020.

While I am continuing to work on things as I am able, the fact that I can’t breathe particularly well is slowing me down. I remain in isolation to avoid exposure to You Know What, drink plenty of fluids, and sleep a lot. That’s all there is to it.

While you’re waiting for me to catch up, go check out some bundle deals.

Reality Check: 14 September 2020

This weekly update is called the Reality Check because it’s designed to hold me accountable. I want to clearly communicate what’s going on with Dancing Lights Press products in development. My goal is to set realistic expectations for new releases, and give you a glimpse inside the process of lo-fi publishing.
I want to thank you for your continued support. If you’ve loved something I’ve published, please consider taking a moment to give it a five-star rating and a favorable review at DriveThruRPG. It’s a small thing that has a lot of impact.

About Dancing Lights Press

Dancing Lights Press is a lo-fi publisher of tabletop roleplaying systems and system-agnostic creative aids, including the best selling Building series, the DoubleZero action thriller system, and Hippogryph, a fantasy story game system with traditional  roots. Our products embrace a minimalist aesthetic in design and presentation because roleplaying is an activity, not a collection of expensive rulebooks.