This Week’s Hottest Titles: 14 February 2021

Hottest Titles from Dancing Lights Press for the week ending 14 February 2021!

  1. Building Worlds 2
  2. Building Worlds
  3. Building Adventures
  4. Adventure Generator Vol. 1
  5. Adventure Generator Vol. 2
  6. Building Characters
  7. Building Theme
  8. Building Monsters
  9. Phrases and Names
  10. Names and Their Meaning

Did You Know?

4 releases from the past year are GOLD best sellers at DriveThruRPG? It’s true! That’s in addition to a bunch of other Gold titles in the back list. We also have tons of Electrum, Silver, and Copper best sellers. There’s even a Platinum best seller deep in our catalogue. If you haven’t already, you should poke around our page at DriveThruRPG to see the full depth of what we have to offer.

How to Gamemaster

Our next release will be How To Gamemaster, a manual for running any tabletop roleplaying game, with any system, setting, or genre. I’ve seen a lot of people on social media complaining that many newer editions of games either gloss over the GM section or omit it entirely. The designers assume you already have that knowledge. This is a problem for new gamemasters, as well as veterans who occasionally need a new approach to age-old problems.

How to Gamemaster draws on my decades of experience running a wide variety of games. It has chapters on understanding player needs, preparing an adventure, what to do during Session Zero, running a game session, what to do when you make mistakes, and teaching new players. The book is 96 pages in A5 format. As with all releases, it will be available on digital formats first (PDF, epub, Kindle) with a print-on-demand release to follow.